Problem of Evil

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A documentary filmmaker searches for a cult leader who claims to be an angel.

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PROBLEM OF EVIL focuses on the inner circle of a modern day religious cult, touching on the topics of unquestioning faith in a higher power, and the timeless themes of love, loss and redemption. This independent drama evokes a cerebral and meditative state, proudly adopting the artistic moniker of 'contemplative cinema' or 'slow cinema.' While production budget may classify it as a niche film, the main theme of questioning one’s faith applies to a wide audience.

Written/Directed/Shot/Produced by Ethan Kogan and Jessica Silvetti, the film stars Hemky Madera (Rango, Showtime’s Weeds, HBO’s Luck), Cynthia Ettinger (HBO’s Carnivale and Deadwood) and Jarreth Merz (The Passion of the Christ, ER, An African Election).

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Light and Shadow Pictures Presents
Pierre Adeli Daniel Berson Jeffy Branion
Hannah Chodos Cynthia Ettinger Booth Fellers
Colin Golden Scott Harris Steven Klein Ethan Kogan
Hemky Madera Aly Mawji Jarreth Merz
Mary Eileen O'Donnell Jessica Silvetti
Donna Jo Thorndale Sabra Williams Justin Zsebe
Music by David Silvetti
Edited by
Ethan Kogan
Executive Producers Robert Kogan Sherri Kogan
Written/Directed/Shot/Produced by
Ethan Kogan and Jessica Silvetti
©2013 LIGHT AND SHADOW PICTURES All Rights Reserved

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